Por que está falando em Português é tão dificil?

Learning a new language is already hard, now remembering your first one is proven harder. Over the Easter holidays my cousins from Portugal came to England to celebrate my birthday with me. I was so excited about seeing them I may have forgotten one important detail, I haven’t spoken Portuguese in years. Portuguese is my first language however, living in England and spending majority of my time speaking English has as my grandma would say ‘westernised’ me.

Which to an extent I agree, but not admitting defeat I purchased a Portuguese dictionary that surprisingly wasn’t used that often. As whenever I did get stuck we played Portuguese charades, which proved to be WAY more exciting that the English version.

Overall it was an exciting few weeks involving watching novela’s (Portuguese/Brazilian soaps), playing tourists around London, looking through old photos, taking new ones, family parties and learning how to dance to Kizomba (Angolan music). I think I may have just found a new hobby.

Chocolate com pimenta (Chocolate with pepper) is a Brazilian novela.

I would describe it as “Brazilian Cinderella meets the great Gatsby” It’s a classical love story between a poor girl who has a passion for baking cakes and eating chocolate, and a rich man who has a sweet tooth. Although it sounds like a normal love story it’s not, it has a bit of spice.

I highly recommend it even if you can’t speak Portuguese you could guess what’s going on and make it a game.


Current TV series obsession: ‘GIRLS’

Two weeks ago I started watching the US show ‘Girls’, I know I’m one of the last ones to jump on the wagon as it’s been around for 2 years and have just finished their 3rd season. However as a person I get way too involved in films and shows, my emotions run high and feel way to much compassion for the characters. Plus patience is not one of my strongest suits so waiting another 
week for an episode is something I can’t do, hence the 2 year delay.

After finishing another US hit show ‘Gossip Girl’ and becoming so obsessed I ended up purchasing the box set for sick days. I felt it was time for me to move onto the next one, and ‘Girls’ sounded perfect. So I stocked up on Tesco’s sweet and salted popcorn and let the marathon commence. Best decision ever, I loved it! The characters, the fashion, the characters individual storylines, and of course the fact it was based in NYC. Lena Dunham is a genius, and also a triple threat; producer, writer and main character. It’s true ‘GIRLS DO RUN THE WORLD’.

My favourite character has to be ‘Shoshanna Shapiro’ portrayed by the amazing actress Zosia Mamet. Her bubbly personality, wise words and hilarious facial expressions had me in fits of laughter. Not to mention her style and fun hairstyles has inspired me and given me some ideas, I plan on rocking once the sun has come out. My favourite Shoshanna scene has to be from S1E7, the scene she finds out she smoked crack. I highly suggest everyone watches that scene, as it will have you in tears! Zosia Mamet is my new celebrity style crush, her mixed print outfits might just give Solange Knowles a run for her money.

Shoshanna Shapiro

Zosia Mamet


Who loves shorts shorts?

 Finally the rain has gone away and the sun’s come out to play. This is something every British person has been waiting for, so I decided to take this opportunity to bring out my DIYed shorts. Not risking anything I wore tights and my heeled boots. On top I tried to add some colour to my outfit with my floral top and pink matte lipstick, however that doesn’t mean I was ready to ditch my fluffy cardigan. 
You can never trust British weather.

Cardigan – Ebay
Cropped top- Primark
DIYed Shorts – Forever 21
Black Heeled Boots – Berskha
Turban - Ebay
Lipstick – Sleek ‘Mystic’
Nails – Nails Inc ‘Tate’



Layla Elaine Ley

Firstly let me apologise for the lack of blog posts, one of my new resolutions was to focus on my new photography business which I will be explaining in a few months time. I hope everyone had an electrifying Christmas spent revising alongside quality time with family and friends; my holiday was spent more with the family than revising however I’m blaming it all on television. All my favourite childhood/ Christmas movies were on. Alongside Christmas I hope new years was amazing also, I’d love to read all your new year’s resolutions so leave a link below telling me them or a link to your blogs. 

Layla Elaine Ley is a talented Brits school student who happens to be a dear friend of mine, who took time out of her busy schedule to shoot with me. We decided to do our photo shoot in the morning, I can assure you there were positives and negatives. Pros; no children or people staring and walking in your shot, cons; birds don’t respect you and it’s FREEZING however we managed to pull through and get amazing shots. I genuinely enjoyed myself and can’t wait to shoot more photo shoots.

Here are some of the final results...