Current TV series obsession: ‘GIRLS’

Two weeks ago I started watching the US show ‘Girls’, I know I’m one of the last ones to jump on the wagon as it’s been around for 2 years and have just finished their 3rd season. However as a person I get way too involved in films and shows, my emotions run high and feel way to much compassion for the characters. Plus patience is not one of my strongest suits so waiting another 
week for an episode is something I can’t do, hence the 2 year delay.

After finishing another US hit show ‘Gossip Girl’ and becoming so obsessed I ended up purchasing the box set for sick days. I felt it was time for me to move onto the next one, and ‘Girls’ sounded perfect. So I stocked up on Tesco’s sweet and salted popcorn and let the marathon commence. Best decision ever, I loved it! The characters, the fashion, the characters individual storylines, and of course the fact it was based in NYC. Lena Dunham is a genius, and also a triple threat; producer, writer and main character. It’s true ‘GIRLS DO RUN THE WORLD’.

My favourite character has to be ‘Shoshanna Shapiro’ portrayed by the amazing actress Zosia Mamet. Her bubbly personality, wise words and hilarious facial expressions had me in fits of laughter. Not to mention her style and fun hairstyles has inspired me and given me some ideas, I plan on rocking once the sun has come out. My favourite Shoshanna scene has to be from S1E7, the scene she finds out she smoked crack. I highly suggest everyone watches that scene, as it will have you in tears! Zosia Mamet is my new celebrity style crush, her mixed print outfits might just give Solange Knowles a run for her money.

Shoshanna Shapiro

Zosia Mamet


  1. Ah my favourite character is Adam, his quirks are so damn funny! Also, I was just wondering why you chose to have a gap year and what you did / are doing? I'm considering it too that's all.

    1. He's amazing too, I loved the car scene with him, Hannah and Shoshanna when they were driving to rehab to get Jessa.

      I was offered a 5 month internship in a production company, and I decided to take it because I felt like I needed a reminder of why I was going University. I know that I definitely want to go but I didn't know if I actually wanted to study my chosen choice or if I even wanted to work in that field after Uni. So I decided to take some time off and applied for experience instead. I highly recommend it if you're unsure but if you know exactly what you want go for it girl!

  2. cool outfits there - love her style, she does co-ords really well <3

    Check out my latest lifestyle (food) post! :)
    AL xx
    RASSP blog

    1. I know right, I'm lusting over that red leather jacket!

      I will do, thank you for commenting.


  3. Gossip Girl! I used to watch so many episodes of that a day and I don't think I ever made it to the last season lol. But Zosia's outfits are amazing!

    onacruz blog

    1. Tell me about it, when they put it on netflix that's when I said goodbye to getting a good nights sleep lool. They are, I'm so excited for Girls season 3.