Por que está falando em Português é tão dificil?

Learning a new language is already hard, now remembering your first one is proven harder. Over the Easter holidays my cousins from Portugal came to England to celebrate my birthday with me. I was so excited about seeing them I may have forgotten one important detail, I haven’t spoken Portuguese in years. Portuguese is my first language however, living in England and spending majority of my time speaking English has as my grandma would say ‘westernised’ me.

Which to an extent I agree, but not admitting defeat I purchased a Portuguese dictionary that surprisingly wasn’t used that often. As whenever I did get stuck we played Portuguese charades, which proved to be WAY more exciting that the English version.

Overall it was an exciting few weeks involving watching novela’s (Portuguese/Brazilian soaps), playing tourists around London, looking through old photos, taking new ones, family parties and learning how to dance to Kizomba (Angolan music). I think I may have just found a new hobby.

Chocolate com pimenta (Chocolate with pepper) is a Brazilian novela.

I would describe it as “Brazilian Cinderella meets the great Gatsby” It’s a classical love story between a poor girl who has a passion for baking cakes and eating chocolate, and a rich man who has a sweet tooth. Although it sounds like a normal love story it’s not, it has a bit of spice.

I highly recommend it even if you can’t speak Portuguese you could guess what’s going on and make it a game.


  1. What does the title mean!? I read this on a break from Spanish revision. I feel your pain when it comes to revisiting old languages. It's frustrating! xx

    1. The title says 'Why is speaking Portuguese so difficult?" Tell me about it but it's worth all the stress as you can speak a different language. xx

  2. I have never learned to speak another language but I could only imagine how confusing it would get! I hope it gets better and you can remember easier! That looks like a great love story and I love the clothes!


    1. Hello so sorry for the extremely late response! Yeah it is very hard but very beneficial. Thank you for commenting, I appreciate it and I recommend you watch it! xx